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amoelbarroco in its first incarnation operated as an independent fashion brand from 2009 to 2012.  

In 2010 the project was awarded with a 1st national Injuve (Spain) design prize and a sculpture 2nd award by the city of Salamanca (Spain).

From 2009 to 2012 the main subjects of her discourse were based on her research about the construction of identity and its relationship to self-image, as well as a constant search for individuality from a distancing and personal perspective, transforming it into a performative experience. From this starting point, she created her fashion collections and images, which were also used to represent different characters, and a well-defined imagery and personal mythology reflecting a wide range of influences -from Wilde or Baudelaire to Leigh Bowery or Luisa Casati-; these fashion collections were showcased at official national and international fashion events and were part of video creations and photographic series in collaboration with other artists.

Text by Patricia Martín Lorenzo.

This phase of the project concluded with a retrospective exhibition curated by Patricia Martín held at the space of young creators in DA2 Domus Artium, the contemporary art center in the city of Salamanca (Castilla y León, Spain).

Olympia's Story 

Fashion film, Madrid, 2010

Written and directed by Jennifer Cox 

Cast: Christian Mahieu and Viveka Goyanes 


1st assistant director: Pablo González 

Styling and costume: Viveka Goyanes 

Make up: Alicia Sánchez 

Hair: Isabel Cabañas 

Prop manager: Magdalena Muñoz 

Music and sound effects: Joaquín Muñoz

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